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Stepping machines are a simple and efficient way to stay in shape, thanks to their ergonomic design that focuses on your upper and lower body strength. Many products exist on the market that aims to replicate common exercise activities such as running, hiking, vertical climbing, aerobic training, resistance training and much more. These machines are designed to allow consumers to enjoy the benefits of multi-disciplinary training, without leaving the comfort of their own home. Thanks to advancements in exercise machine technology, most products on the market offer multiple training exercises within the one device. Even more impressively, many of these are relatively inexpensive, compared to other products on the market that focuses on just one exercise routine.

Here is a breakdown on some of the most common step machines on the market, with brief descriptions outlining their basic functions, features and details regarding their overall design:

‘Gazelle’ Style Machines

These products provide a full body workout for individual users. The most common type of machine in this category features a ‘X’ style framework that allows users to work out their arms and legs in conjunction with each other. Many of these products provide multiple exercise routines within the one device, offering great value for money.

The low-impact nature of these product allows for risk and injury free workout sessions that delivers on high-intense training potential, without succumbing to unexpected injuries later on. Many of these devices are easily stored, thanks to their collapsible design. This makes them ideal for small apartment settings or share houses, where space can be a big issue for many.

Climbing Machines

The unique design of these devices aims to replicate the intensity and muscle growth associated with heavy-duty climbing activities. Users simply assemble the device and then situate themselves on the provided steps, along with grabbing onto the handlebars located above them. You then simply start performing a climbing motion that works in conjunction with your arms and legs, providing a full body workout without the hassle of leaving home.

Adjustable height settings are available for most models, which makes them accessible to people of varying shapes and sizes. Vertical climbers are the closest thing to intense climbing activities, making them a viable choice for many work out enthusiasts and those wanting to lose weight.

Compact Stepping Machines

These stepping machines are commonly built to be compact and portable. Many products on the market feature a simple stepping framework, with two foot pedals and two pulleys to help stimulate the lower and upper body regions. The adjustable resistance and arm bands helps work out the shoulders, arms, chest and back region; delivering a solid upper body work out at an affordable price. Their compact design makes them perfect for if you’re on the go, or wish to transport them around the home for storage or working out in different rooms.

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of stepping machines on the market, check out the comprehensive list below that covers some of the most popular products out on the market today.

Maxi Climber

Maxi ClimberThe Maxi Climber is a unique device designed to replicate the sensation of high-intensity rock climbing. This sturdily built machine is ergonomically designed to suit a whole range of body types and sizes, thanks to the adjustable height function. Assembly is simple and requires very little work, making it easy to install with just one person.

Included with this device is a handy personal workout timer, which can be calibrated to start and stop in conjunction with your exercise routine. Some users may miss the more comprehensive tracking monitors featured on many exercise machines; however, considering the value for money and sturdy design, the trade-off for a functional and long lasting device is certainly worth it.

Users can easily store away their Maxi Climber, with its collapsible functionality and light-weight materials. The Maxi Climber provides essential grip on the handlebars, providing safety and security during your workout routine. The anti-slippage material featured on the legs allows the Maxi Climber to be used on a variety of floors, providing stable use in any environment. This greatly assists in preventing potential wobbling or shaking during your workout regimen. Consumers will be satisfied with this affordable device, which offers great value for money.



Sunny Health & Fitness Twister StepperCompact stepping machines are becoming more commonplace in the market, thanks to their small design and potential for use around the home. Those with little space in their home to have an exercise machine will benefit greatly from the Sunny Health & Fitness Twister Stepper. This device is easily portable around the home, or if you’re on the go, providing a versatile and flexible experience for consumers.

The Twister Stepper features two foot pedals and two straps with handlebars, all of which are supported by a heavy-duty steel framework. The slip-resistant foot plates makes this device accessible on many different floor types, which keeps the chassis firmly planted to the ground during your workout session. An onboard computer is included with this device, which tracks your progress and other details including calories burnt, rep count and much more.

With the Twister Stepper, the resistance can easily be adjusted with a twist of the knob. Those seeking a full cardiovascular workout will be pleased by this device, which helps to tone your buttocks, thighs and various upper body regions. The Twister stepper is an excellent device suitable for home application, with design that caters towards people with little space at home.



Gazelle Supreme Step MachinesThe Gazelle Supreme Step machine is a dual-action device designed to provide an intense workout for both the upper and lower body region. Its ergonomic design integrates a dual-action suspension system which allows for free-flowing movement and complete range of motion. The innovative Soft Glide technology provides a seamless transition from slow steps to more intense routines, delivering a low-impact solution to your exercise regimen.

This top-of-the-line model is unique for its design, which allows users to perform up to 10 different exercises within the duration of a single workout. Both beginner and advanced users will benefit from the array of potential within this device, allowing for both casual and intense workout sessions to be performed.

The adjustable hydraulic resistance provides a flexible entry-point for beginners, while advanced users can take advantage of the high-intensity settings. The large stride allows people of different heights to achieve a consistent workout, without potential straining of muscles or joints. Assembly is easily achieved and it’s light weight, making it perfect for use around the home or personal gym. Provided lube allows for easy maintenance of the Gazelle Supreme Step Machine, which will certainly satisfy and deliver on high-performance for many years to come.



Gazelle Freestyle Step MachinesThose looking for a comprehensive full-body workout will be impressed by the array of features available with the Gazelle Freestyle Step Machine. This sturdily built device helps tone and tighten essential muscle groups within your body, along with providing smooth transitions from casual to more intense workout routines. The Freestyle Step allows users to perform up to 10 exercises within a single session, delivering an amazing calories burning experience.

The Freestyle’s patented dual-action split suspension allows for complete motion and freedom during your exercise, providing a natural momentum that’s low-impact and efficient. Provided with the Freestyle device is a monitoring computer that tracks your progress with each session including time spent, calories burnt, distance and speed. One unique feature included with the Freestyle Step is a built-in thumb pulse monitor, which helps track your heart-rate too.

Users from upwards to 300lbs can benefit from the fat-burning potential the Freestyle Step offers, which delivers great value for money and a multi-functional solution for your workout regimen. The reliable cables that help support the structure, along with the heavy-duty material ensures that this device will remain reliable for many years. Those looking for a low-impact workout will be impressed by the Freestyle.



Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle BarThe Sunny Twister Stepper is an excellent entry in the compact stepping machine market. This portable devices comes packed with two foot pedals built on a heavy-duty chassis, with an extended handle bar to provide support. Those looking for a compact solution to aid with toning their lower body, will be pleased by the Sunny Twister Stepper’s design. The Twist Stepper aims to work your leg muscles and buttocks, with low pressure applied to the bones and joints; delivering a low-impact workout that provides great results.

Assembly can quickly be done in less than half an hour with just one person, which makes it accessible to those with special needs or the elderly. The steel framework and feet cushioning prevents potential slippage, making it a viable option for many different types of floors and environments. The built-in computer helps track your progress with each session, including calories burnt, time, speed and more. With a gross weight of 28 lbs, the Twister Stepper is relatively easy to store and transport, making it an excellent choice for people short on space around the home. The Twister Stepper is a great entry-level product, providing a viable workout solution for people of various sizes.


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