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Indoor exercise machines are commonplace among many homes and personal gyms, as they allow you to exercise within the comfort of your own environment. Rowing machines aren’t the most common machine for people looking to get into shape, however, they do deliver on providing intense workout solutions that some other machines simply can’t match. Many models exist on the market for consumers to try out, with some that operate quite differently to others, most notably models that re-create the natural flow of rowing through natural water resistance. Below is a breakdown of some of the essential features most popular indoor rowing models have:

Monitored Performance Systems

Most rowing devices operate in conjunction with an integrated computer monitoring system, which calculates and stores data collected from your workout session. This may include calories burned, distance travelled, speed, strokes per minute and time, to name a few. This allows consumers to track their data and see how their progress is going, and whether their performance is improving or not.

Higher end products allow the monitoring system to be adjusted according to personal taste, however, this isn’t always necessary depending on the design itself.

Optimized Flywheel Design and Tension Settings

Every indoor rowing machine operates on a flywheel design that comes in 2 categories. One is the traditional design that works in conjunction with the rowing motion, while more advanced ones replicate the natural rowing motion by actually implementing a ‘water flywheel.’ These handcrafted designs feature a tank of water situated towards the front of the device, with the water acting as a natural resistant to replicate the genuine feel of rowing. The resistance is naturally adjusted based on the level of intensity applied by the rower themselves, allowing users to self-regulate their workout routine. Many enthusiasts have praised the design for its accurate representation of real rowing, which is not achievable with current implementations of magnetic and air type machines.

Collapsible Functionality

Not all indoor rowing machines have the benefit of collapsible design, particularly the water flywheel models. However, the one’s that do offer great flexibility for users who require a device that’s easily transportable. Machines like the Concept2 Model D allow users to separate the machine into two parts, along with the inclusion of caster wheels for extra mobility. This makes it great for when storage is necessary and if you plan on travelling with your indoor rowing device.

With such an impressive range of models on the market, it can be difficult to decide which product is right for you and the type of machine you’re looking for. Most models operate on a similar framework, which aims to work the cardiovascular systems. Rowing is frequently cited as an intense calorie-burning exercise, which makes it an attractive solution for many people looking to lose weight. Regardless of which model you’re after, there are plenty of resources available when searching for the right product. Here is a brief summary on some of the most popular models currently available on the market today, which includes information about their design, ergonomic factors, affordability and convenience.

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5The Concept2 Model D machine is a device that aims to replicate the feel of real rowing. Thanks to its low-level noise operation and smooth flywheel design, users will benefit from an optimized mechanism that can easily be adjusted according to your preferences. The Model D comes with a 14-inch seat height, along with an adjustable foot rest; allowing for maximum comfort during your workout session.

Assembly is relatively simple, requiring just a connection between the seat frame and the flywheel, along with a series of screws to put everything into place. The Model D’s design has been praised for its sturdiness and reliability, with even intense sessions failing to produce any wiggling or wobbling. Competitive rowers have recognized this model’s capabilities for many years and its reputation is quickly spreading among consumers.

The intelligent monitoring system features a user-friendly interface that comes with numerous features; including preset workouts, a selection of games and multiple languages. Users can store and transfer their data using a USB drive, along with Bluetooth connectivity that can be paired with heart rate monitors. There are even wireless capabilities that supports head-to-head racing between two machines, along with connectivity straight to computers and smart phones.



Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome)The Stamina Air Rower is a wind-resistant rowing machine that provides excellent support for people of varying ages and sizes. The padded upholstery provides extensive cushioning for long workout sessions, along with in-built floor protection to prevent accidental skidding. The steel frame provides maximum sturdiness for intense workout routines, with large footplates to help provide support.

The machine itself operates on air, which aims to deliver a realistic simulation of real-world rowing. Users can intuitively adjust the tension through simply using the device; the harder one works the machine, the resistance will gradually increase. This convenient approach to design enables users to work at their own pace, while allowing them to increase the pressure without having to stop exercising to adjust any settings.

Adjustable nylon foot straps enable users to be tightly secure while operating the machine. While the textured grip on the handle bars allows for maximum support during intense workout sessions. The Stamina Air Rower delivers on solid performance and great durability for both beginner and advanced users, the potential for storage and transportation is also an added bonus, thanks to the foldable frame and additional wheels supplied. An excellent product for people looking to get into shape.



WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 MonitorThis unique exercise machine has long been a sought after device for rowing enthusiasts, who attest that it’s the closest thing to real rowing available on the market. The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine operates of a water-based flywheel mechanism, which offers varying levels of resistance based on the intensity of the workout itself. The solid ash framework helps absorb sound and unwanted vibrations during your workout session, along with a series of 4 performance monitor tracks.

The ingenious design of the water flywheel operates with two paddles situated inside the tank, which works in tandem with the bungee being pulled by the rower. Resistance can be adjusted based on the level of water in the tank itself, if you think a full tank is giving too much tension. Despite the presence of water in the machine, it remains stable during any workout session and does not leak, making it suitable for placement in a home environment or personal gym.

Many users have praised the WaterRower Club machine since its inception, with its unique resistance mechanism and incredibly sturdy design. The solid ash framework gives off a brilliant finish and delivers on providing a long-lasting service for many years to come.



LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing MachineThe LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine is a top of the line rowing simulator designed to satisfy even the most intense workout enthusiasts. Featuring a smooth and reliable eddy current drive system, it allows for quiet operation in the comfort of your own home. Those looking for an easy storage solution will be pleased by collapsible design, which folds into a compact 34” x 19” x 64” framework.

This robust rowing machine comes with an intellicent three-LCD console, which provides users with data including distance travelled, calories, strokes, strokes per minute and time spent. The device itself requires no external power, just a single AA battery to operate the console. Padded hand grips featured on the handlebars allows for maximum securtity and support during your workout. The LifeSpan comes with 5 levels of resistance, which is slightly limiting compared to other models, but provides enough flexibility to customize your workout routine. Many users recommend starting slow before increasing the intensity, as the level of resistance can at first appear too easy, before producing further strokes per minute.

Overall, the LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine is a highly recommended device, which provides an entry-level gateway for beginning and advanced rowers alike.



WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 MonitorThis state-of-the-art rowing device is a high quality product that captures the real essence of intense rowing. Thanks to the implementation of a water flywheel, the natural resistance is the closest thing to real rowing available on the market. The WaterRower is a handcrafted device that features a solid ash finish, with stained honey oak as the primary material for the framework. Its Series 4 performance monitor device helps track your progress by recording essential data including stroke rate, workout intensity, time, and distance travelled and much more.

The unique water flywheel is based on intelligent design that features adjustable resistance based on the amount of water filling the tank. Users can manually adjust the intensity based on how fast they row, which helps them naturally progress throughout the duration of their workout session. The low-level noise profile allows for quiet enjoyment of the device, where it’s in the comfort of your own home or personal gym.

Also included are instructional DVD’s to help you adjust to the momentum of the rowing device, along with chlorine pills to help keep the water fresh. The WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine is a quality product, providing great value for beginners and advanced users.


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